How do you heat Granite?

Ultra Thin Heating element with uniform pattern

FeelsWarm heated countertops are fitted with an ultra thin (between 0.3cm and 0.6cm thick) heating element that is custom-engineered for each stone including shape, wattage and electrical input location.

view underneath

The FeelsWarm element pattern is precisely designed and installed to overcome the poor thermal characteristics of stone, so that an even heated surface is created and that the front edge is the same temperature as the centre of the heated zone.

Key features

  • Utilises low DC voltage (12-24 Volts) for complete safety
  • Enables custom heated areas within a worktop design
  • May heat only where you commonly touch/rest arms
  • Control scheme permits temperature adjustment
  • Programmer provides pre-set on-off schedule if desired

Heated sink edgeHeat your seating area!
Heat your sink edge!
Keep your pastry rolling area cold!