Feelswarm product options

Options for New and Existing Worktops

FeelsWarm heating technology permits heating of the exact stone worktop for your home or business.

As such, Creative Geology offers three different solutions:

  • Customized Stick-On Heaters to exactly match the shape/size of your counter, ensuring the edges are warm.
  • Stick-On Standard Heaters for desk areas and straight-edged countertops.
  • Integrated Heaters for new custom countertops only.  Available only through select authorised dealers

FeelsWarm heaters can also provide thermal comfort in other areas of the home and business.

  • Sink Edges
  • Bath tubs
  • Concrete worktops
  • Hotel lobby
  • Window seats
  • Shower seats
  • Stainless steel tops
  • Bank counter
  • Bath surround
  • Spot area floor heating
  • Cupboard mounted plate warmer
  • Food warming/staging

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