Do you suffer from cold forearms?

A granite worktop is the ultimate in luxury. Beautiful to look at, natural, hardwearing and timeless. The only thing it lacks is a tactile feel, until now.

Ever spoken to a kitchen designer who suggested wood instead of granite for the seating area within a kitchen, especially on kitchen islands?

Wood and other materials feel more tactile as they more easily retain heat, so there is less temperature variation between the material on your skin. Granite, alongside most igneous and metamorphic rocks, will absorb heat so they appear cold to touch.

Surely there is a way to heat these stone worktops? There is, and its called FeelsWarm available through Creative Geology in the UK

Ultrathin heated pads, which can be applied at installation time or retrospectively can be designed to heat the areas you regularly touch such as a breakfast bar, but keep the areas you want to keep cold for food preparation.

Install the ultimate luxury of heated countertops, making your kitchen worktop beautiful to look at, natural, hardwearing, timeless and tactile to touch!



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